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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dagmar Budikova, Global and Planetary Change, 68 (2009), Role of Arctic sea ice in global atmospheric circulation: A review

Global and Planetary Change, 68 (2009) 149-163.

Role of Arctic sea ice in global atmospheric circulation: A review

Dagmar Budikova

Department of Geography-Geology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, 61790-4400, USA


Formed by the freezing of sea water, sea ice defines the character of the marine Arctic. The principal purpose of this review is to synthesize the published efforts that document the potential impact of Arctic sea ice on remote climates. The emphasis is on  atmospheric processes and the resulting modifications in surface conditions such as air temperature, precipitation patterns, and storm track behavior at interannual timescales across the middle and low latitudes of the Northern hemisphere during cool months. Addressed also are the theoretical, methodological, and logistical challenges facing the current observational and modeling studies that aim to improve our awareness of the role that Arctic sea ice plays in the definition of global climate. Moving towards an improved understanding of the role that polar sea ice plays in shaping the global climate is a subject of timely importance as the Arctic environment is currently undergoing rapid change with little slowing down forecast for the future.

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