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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Corrupt George Mason University still not acting on plagiarism charges against Edward Wegman

GMU still paralyzed; Wegman, Rapp still paranoid

WegmanGate, SkepticGate:

Isn't it Time to Slam the Gate?

by Richard Littlemore, desmogblog, January 6, 2011
George Mason University continues to fritter away its reputation for academic integrity by failing to act on plagiarism charges against Dr. Edward Wegman - but the indefatigable John Mashey has not rested in the long interegnum since the complaint was filed.
Mashey's latest update is attached below and with his first edition, here. John recommends particularly the paranoic rantings of Dr. Donald Rapp (in the new Section 3) as well as Wegman's own unfolding commentary (Appendix A 3), which continues regardless of a GMU directive that he not comment on his investigation until the beleaguered braintrust at his university decides to recognize the obvious -- or cover up.

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