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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stacked Deck of Climate Denial Jokers

Marc Morano’s Pack Of Climate Denial Jokers
Marc Morano, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), Committee on the Environment and Public Works
Bob CarterJames Cook University, Queensland, Australia
John ChristyUniversity of Alabama at Huntsville
David DemingUniversity of Oklahoma /
National Center for Policy Analysis
David DouglassUniversity of Rochester
Don EasterbrookWestern Washington University
Stanley GoldenbergNOAA
Vincent GrayNew Zealand Climate Science Coalition /
Natural Resources Stewardship Project
William GrayColorado State University (ret.)
Ben HermanUniversity of Arizona
Craig Idsoco2science.orgArizona State University /
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
Richard LindzenMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Roger PielkeColorado State University (ret.)
James A. PedenExtranuclear Laboratories (ret.)
Hans Schreuderilovemycarbondioxide.comRocky Mountain Research Station
Thomas P. SheahenWestern Technology, Inc.
Fred SingerUniversity of Virginia (ret.) /
Science and Environmental Policy Project /
National Center for Policy Analysis
Roy Spencerdrroyspencer.comUniversity of Alabama at Huntsville /
Marshall Institute /
Interfaith Stewardship Alliance
Philip StottUniversity of London (ret.)
Willie Wei-Hock SoonHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics /
Marshall Institute /
Fraser Institute /
Science and Public Policy Institute
Brian ValentineDepartment of Energy
Joseph Bastglobalwarmingheartland.orgHeartland Institute
Edward John Craigplanetgore.nationalreview.comNational Review
Dan Gainornewsbusters.orgMedia Research Center
Steven Milloyjunkscience.comCompetitive Enterprise Institute
Lubos Motlmotls.blogspot.comHarvard University (ret.)
Roger Pielke, Jr.sciencepolicy.colorado.eduUniversity of Colorado
Jon Jay
Marc Sheppardopinioneditorials.comFrontiers of Freedom
Noel Sheppardnewsbusters.orgMedia Research Center
Matthew Sheffieldnewsbusters.orgMedia Research Center
Dennis Averyhudson.orgHudson Institute
Mike Buritaaccf.orgAmerican Council for Capital Formation
Terry Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Robert Fergusonscienceandpublicpolicy.orgScience and Public Policy Institute
Tom Harrisclimatescienceinternational.orgInternational Climate Science Coalition
Christopher Moncktonscienceandpublicpolicy.orgScience and Public Policy Institute
Craig Ruckercfact.orgCommittee for a Constructive Tomorrow
James Taylorheartland.orgHeartland Institute
William M. Briggswmbriggs.comstatistician
Richard S. CourtneyCoalTrans International (ret.)
Joseph D’Aleoicecap.usWeather Channel (ret.)
Art Horntheartofweather.comweatherman (ret.)
Alan Siddons
George E. SmithMonsanto, Hewlett Packard (ret.)
James Spannjamesspann.comweatherman, ABC 33/40
Herb Stevensweatherman (ret.)

– The Scientists: Ph.D.s, often with strong industry ties, who may or may not have experience in climate science, but are ready to denounce the scientific consensus
– The Bloggers: They flood the Web with “news” and opinion, ready to be picked up by Drudge, Fox News, and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber
– The “Think Tankers”: Ready spokesmen associated with impressive-sounding organizations, often founded by themselves
– The Weathermen: Meteorologists, statisticians, and corporate scientists not associated with a think tank or university, but happy to give reporters their “expert” opinion

2 comments: said...

Wow Tenney, pretty late to the party aren't you? This list is two years old.

Grist had it then as "secret".

Wow. A list of "secret" publicly available websites.

I knew right away this couldn't be anything new because this website is little more than a cut and paste regurgitator - no original thought here.

Tenney Naumer said...

What's gonna be fun is seeing how far you can run.