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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Livestreaming Peoples Climate March! Announcing March Livestream and People's Videos

I'm excited to announce that I will providing livestreamed, on-the-ground coverage of the People's Climate March this Sunday and at follow-up actions in the days ahead at
The world needs a wake-up call. Climate change, and the destructive economy that propels it, must finally be taken seriously.
The People's Climate March hits New York City and hundreds of locations across the globe in less than 48 hours. Activists and organizers have labored for months to make this -- not just the biggest climate march in history -- but the wake-up call the world's been waiting for.
All sorts of amazing creative activism is in store, all with the singular goal of saving the world. The team, the people behind, are collecting the best #PeoplesClimate videos making it easy to find, share and amplify the most powerful messages. is the place to find it all: the craziest moments, the most powerful scenes, and the most inspiring calls to action.
And you're invited to contribute! Whether you're attending the march in person, or just in spirit, a few clicks is all it takes to add your video, and your voice, to the call for change.
We've had wake up calls before -- Hurricane Sandy woke up most of New York -- but our so-called leaders keep hitting the snooze button. We need a wake up call so powerful that leaders are forced to act; paradigms are forced to shift; and there's just no going back to sleep. 

Join me for livestream coverage starting Sunday morning and wake up the world at I'll also be tweeting from @climatebrad -- if you're in NYC, let's meet!

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