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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Please sign readers -- demand that AG Loretta Lynch launch a RICO investigation of ExxonMobil

Please sign, readers.  We've been waiting for this for a long, long time.  The scientists who were courageous enough to sign the letter asking for a RICO investigation are now being attacked by Exxon's stooges in Congress.  Now is the time to be involved, even if it's only a signature:

Thank you for signing the petition calling on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to launch a RICO investigation of ExxonMobil's climate deception. 

With your help, we've already been mentioned by Daily KosCrooks and LiarsInside Climate News, and The Guardian

Prominent climate scientists and climate activists have signed, and Credo Action has joined forces with us.

Now the fossil-funded GOP is fighting back. 

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the climate denier running the House Science Committee, has launched an investigation - not of Exxon Mobil and its decades-long warfare against climate science -- but of one of the climate scientists who called for a RICO investigation of the fossil fuel industry

This act of intimidation was spurred by operatives at CFACT and CEI -- two organizations that are part of the Exxon denial network, as is Rep. Smith, who has received at least $630,597 in campaign contributions from the oil & gas industry, $24,320 from ExxonMobil.

We're getting notice, but it's critical that we get 5,000 signatures before we deliver the petition to AG Lynch. 

If we get signatures from enough states, we can even reach out to state Attorneys General to act.

With your help, we can reach our goal! 

Can you please share this link with five of your friends right now:

Thank you for taking a stand against Exxon's decades of deliberate climate destruction.

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