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Thursday, December 4, 2014

If only there was an infinite power source that was free to use all day every day...

Other 98%
Dear Readers,
Big Oil has been trying to build the dirty Keystone XL pipeline for years.
But together, we’ve beaten them back at every turn. And we won’t rest until this climate nightmare is dead for good.
Here’s how it works:
1. We put our t-shirt for sale online here:
2. Our awesome network of climate warriors (that’s you!) helps us reach our sales goal by ordering one (or three!) in their favorite color
3. Your order(s) are printed in the USA on American Apparel (sweatshop-free) t-shirts
4. The shirts are delivered to your home just in time for holiday giving
100% of proceeds from this fundraiser will go toward continuing our work against the KXL Pipeline and other corporate crimes against the climate.
Click here to pick up a shirt today, and tell the world that you’re not going home ‘til we win!
John Sellers, Other 98%
Other 98% Action is fighting the stranglehold that corporations have on our democracy.Like what we do? Make a $5 donation to support us here.

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