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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Barry Bickmore: Utah Republican Legislator Floats Climate Change Bill…!!!

by Barry Bickmore, Climate Asylum blog, January 29, 2013

I’m gobsmacked.  A Republican legislator from Heber City, Kraig Powell, has submitted a bill to the Utah State Legislature that… (drumroll)… assumes the possibility of human-caused climate change.  The point of the bill (HB77) is to allow state land managers to consider human-caused climate change when developing plans to deal with wildfire mitigation.  Yes, they apparently need the Legislature to give them permission.
Read Salt Lake Tribune articles by Judy Fahys and Paul Rolly.
Read the text of HB77.
Now make sure to contact Rep. Powell and give him your support, especially if you live in his district (Summit or Wasatch counties.)  And if you do live in his district, make sure to show up for your next Republican caucus meeting and vote in delegates who aren’t Tea Party and/or Eagle Forum nuts who will be gunning for him.

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