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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Arctic Sea Ice status: June 29, 2008


From the University of Bremen's site, June 29, 2008:

Quikscat Ice Mask from NOAA, June 29, 2008 -- have a look at the Hudson Bay compared to yesterday -- even though the ice seems to have disappeared, apparently, it is still hanging around, but it is really thinning very quickly:

It would appear that there are satellite images and then there are satellite images -- of note is the strong melting going on in north-northeastern Greenland:


OK, and someone please tell me that the grey patch there in the middle of Greenland is not an area of melt, like the one that formed on Antarctica in 2005:


Above: temperatures on June 28, 2008

Below: temperatures on June 29, 2008. Notice that there is only one area of the Arctic that is below freezing, near Siberia. Alert, on Ellesmere Island, went to 17.2 C (63 F).

500-hPa Height Anomalies -- 30-day animation

Link to animation (updated daily, I think):


Kevin Johnstone said...

Really enjoy your posts Tenney.

Found the site via your posts on RC and it was well worth the time to come over and have a look. You've already shown me many sources of information to help me in my own quest for knowledge on what's happening.

Keep up the good work. I'll be certainly be reading

Cassandra_Moderna said...

Thanks so much, Kevin.

N.B. Usually, on the last few days of the month, I do not post much of anything new because once the new month begins, the titles of the previous month's posts disappear from the screen -- so, I just hold off until the first few days of the new month.