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Friday, December 13, 2013

Interview with Charles Monnett


He did what scientists are supposed to do. Listen here (after the news on lifetime gag order on Canadian MP staffers):
On a flight over the Arctic in 2004, U.S. wildlife researcher Charles Monnett reported seeing drowned polar bears -- a finding that he later published in a scientific journal. His sighting became a symbol of the melting Arctic, and a focal point for campaigners like Al Gore.
Everyone was unhappy about his discovery. But some people were just unhappy because he wrote about it. Mr. Monnett's employer -- the U.S. federal government -- launched a years-long investigation of him. And, he claims, tried to silence work that challenged oil and gas development in the Arctic.
Charles Monnett has now received a cash settlement from the federal government -- and no longer works there. We reached Mr. Monnett in Seattle.

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