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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke at the American Legislative Exchange Council Summit in DC. While Google scientists make innovative technology like Google Glass, its lobbyists are funding the worst members of the climate denial machine. By backing ALEC and Cruz, Google is making our world more stupid and dangerous. Tell Google - don’t fund evil! Sign: LIKE and SHARE this graphic.


Google's motto is "Don't Be Evil," but it has recently been revealed that Google is secretly funding one of the worst climate-denier groups in the world: the fossil-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, which argues that global warming is good for America and fights to kill renewable energy standards. Google has been a corporate leader in fighting climate pollution. Its support for liars like ALEC is a glaring mistake. 
ALEC denies global warming is causing glaciers to retreat or sea level to rise. They’ve even argued “substantial global warming is likely to be of benefit to the United States.”
Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said: "You can lie about the effects of climate change, but eventually you'll be seen as a liar." 
Since Susan Molinari took over Google's lobbying operations, the company has financed top members of the climate-denial machine, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), and now ALEC. Tell Google: live up to your corporate values and don't fund evil.
Update 12/6: During ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit in Washington, DC, over 180,000 members of Sierra Club, SumOfUs, Roots Action, and the Center for Media and Democracy are joining our call for Google to drop ALEC.

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Anonymous said...

simple: use e.g. ghostery for firefox, search for the google-tools and trackers and put them out of business with a click.

That will stop google from earning money by spying and selling your data.

No money no funding no ALEC.