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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Climate performance artist, Rev. Billy at the lobby of Chase's headquarters

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Today, Earthalujah! we celebrate a victory -- with an improbable turn of events.  The New York District Attorney dropped charges of Riot and Menacing against me and Nehemiah. We still face charges of Trespass, but the threat of one year jail is gone. Upon viewing the actual evidence, the District Attorney decided our "Riot" is actually a "Musical Presentation."  Well, the extinct Golden Toads who sang inside Chase that day...we are touched.
Our legal struggle continues. Our attorneys filed motions to dismiss all the Trespass charges in the interest of justice. Our next hearing is on February 27th, 2014.
Many of you gave money and signed the petition, which was presented in court today.  You are climate activists with us.  Our New Year’s resolution to you, ourselves and our children (not to mention the life forms all around us) is to defend our First Amendment rights and expand our Earth Cry throughout the land.
Next year we move from Golden Toads to another famous Earth life passing into the 6th Great Extinction: The Honeybee.  We are designing our new costumes now.  Please join us in this coming year's bank lobby swarming.
You know our unique qualities in the world of Earth Activists.  We bring humor and music, a sort of post-religious earth prayer, a strong polemic with the televangelist.  We need time to prepare new music, rebuild our communication platforms and get ready for performances in California, the UK, Austria, and East Coast cities too.  We are working for the Earth every day - will you help us?
We are passing the plate to spread our humor and music.  Can you spare $10? $30? More?
Your donation pays for:
  • Ongoing Legal Support
  • Mask materials, repairs & hairspray
  • Food and travel expenses
  • A small, but needed, website and database remodel
  • Phone and Internet expenses
  • Per diems for volunteers when we travel
We are fundraising.  Our goal is to raise $30,000 in the next 60 days and take our biodiversity mission into the coming year.  We seek your financial generosity to stop JP Chase Morgan and Wall Street from driving people and our sister and brother creatures into extinction.
We will not be intimidated or succumb to scare tactics by big banks. Free speech! Free press! Free people! And while we're talking about money - we know you'll take yours out of financiers of climate change:  JPMorgan Chase, Citi or Bank of America. Let us know if you need help.
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping
VIDEO from a Chase lobby just a few days ago
If you missed our recent onslaught of press coverage selects are HERE
No Jail!

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