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Friday, December 13, 2013

Canadian MP staff will be required to sign lifetime gag orders

from "As It Happens," CBC, December 12, 2013

Extra, extra -- redact all about it. If you work for a Canadian MP, there's a form the Board of Internal Economy wants you to sign. No big deal -- it's just a lifetime gag order.


First rule of working on Parliament Hill: you don't talk about working on Parliament Hill.
Soon, political staffers will be asked to sign new iron-clad confidentiality agreements. The sweeping new rules, put out by the Board of Internal Economy, limit staffers from talking about politically sensitive and confidential information -- for their entire lives.
Anthony Salloum is an NDP Parliament Hill staffer, and head of the party's union. We reached him in Ottawa.

Listen at this link:,2424048373,2424049794

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