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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jamie Henn, 10:10:10 -- help organize climate rallies

Dear friends,

We've got some exciting news: Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, just sent over the following endorsement for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party,

"It's time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on building the clean energy future that will generate economic opportunity and provide a better, safer, healthier world for our children. On October 10, I encourage everyone to do his / her part to be part of the solution to the climate challenge." is less than three years old, but thanks to your hard work, we've quickly grown into an international movement that's getting the attention of decision makers across the planet.  We didn't get solar panels put on the White House roof yet, but political leaders in every corner of the world are taking notice. 

After all, together we're hard to ignore: there are 10/10/10 events in almost every country on the planet.  Almost. The UN has 192 member nations. Right now, there are 10/10/10 events registered in an astounding 157 countries. That leaves just 35 missing countries where we need to register events to have work parties in all the countries in the UN.

Click here to see which countries we're missing and find out how you can help get them on board:

Last year, many of you you helped organize climate rallies in 181 countries on October 24. CNN called your work, "the most widespread day of political action in the planet's history." That broad support for the goal of reducing CO2 below 350 ppm had a powerful effect -- 112 nations adopted the 350 target at the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen.

Now, we want to see if we can make this movement even more widespread and show our so-called leaders that the entire planet is already hard at work solving the climate crisis, and that they better follow our lead.  You can help by reaching out to friends who may know someone in our 35 remaining countries and by getting to work in your own community.

Can you help
recruit a new 10/10/10 event from one of the missing countries--or get involved in your own community?

The United Nations brings the world's governments together. Our movement can bring the world's people together. We may not have a fancy building in New York or a Security Council, but we've got the creativity, commitment, and compassion of hundreds of thousands of people--and the power of the Internet to help us work together like never before.

As Ban Ki Moon said, "It's time to roll up our sleeves." Let's get to work pulling in those 35 remaining countries and sign up even more work parties for 10/10/10.

Together, we'll show our nations what unity is all about,

Jamie Henn, (@agent350 on Twitter)

P.S. Here's one more way to recruit people to join in on 10/10/10: a brand new video that paints a picture of what the world has--and what it needs.  Click here to check it out and spread it far and wide.

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