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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GlacierChange comments on Michael Tobis' Tom Fuller post

This is a well-deserved go-off on Tom Fuller from the Only In It For The Gold comment section, but it is so chock full of information and links on current trends in several important glaciers, that I thought it expedient to post it here (thank you, MP).
glacierchange said...
What a relief T.Fuller informs us that the GIS is not going anywhere. I guess we do not need to spend all this time working on the GIS, I could have put some of those summers to better use. I do not need to worry about the acceleration of Rinks, Jakobshavn, Leidy, Helheim, Kangerlussuaq, Tracy, Academy, Alison, Steenstrup, Nansen, Upernavik, Umiamako, Store, Narssap, Kong Christian IV, Zacharaie etc. All that have accelerated. This is not the mechanical change in one glacier. Or the changes due to melt induced thinning on Petermann Glacier. The volume loss on Humboldt Glacier.We can also ignore that we understood this acceleration would come and why in the 1980s, just did not know when RC-Jakobshavn . And volume losses from GIS glaciers And that does not even get to Pine Island Glacier where again the mechanics were understood some thirty years ago and now what was predicted is occurring due to warming at the grounding line. Wait all that evidence says I do need to worry. And that the scientists were correct. Link:

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