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Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth" by Mark Hertsgaard

Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth

Cover of 'Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on
Forthcoming: January 19, 2011

From the publisher

For twenty years, Mark Hertsgaard investigated climate change, but it took the birth of his daughter to bring the truth home. Another revelation came when an expert advised that, without doubt, global warming had arrived, more than a hundred years earlier than expected.
Now, with his daughter and the next generation in mind, Hertsgaard delivers a resounding, motivating message of hope that will spur activism among parents, college students, and all readers. He gives specifics about what we can expect in the next fifty years: Chicago’s climate transformed to resemble Houston’s; the loss of cherished crops and luxuries, such as California wines; the redesign of U.S. cities. Addressing problems we’ll face very soon and revealing where they’ll be most serious, Hertsgaard offers "pictures" of what unbiased experts expect, and looks at who is taking wise, creative precautions. Hot is, finally, a book about how we’ll survive.
  — Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2011
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