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Monday, September 27, 2010

40 Protesters from Rising Tide Newcastle force shut down of coal terminals

Protesters force shutdown of coal terminals

ABC News, Australia, September 26, 2010

Environmental activists have broken into coal terminals in Newcastle, strapping themselves to industrial loaders to protest against the coal industry's impact on climate change.

Members of the group, Rising Tide Newcastle, say they are protesting against the expansion of the coal industry in Australia.

More than 40 people broke into the three coal terminals, with 10 of them climbing onto machinery and unfurling banners.

Rising Tide spokeswoman Annika Dean says the protesters have successfully stopped production at the plant.

"This morning global warming activists have staged an emergency intervention into Australia's largest contribution to climate change, coal exports," she said.

"There's people on each of the different loaders -- I can see one of them just coming to a halt now. But all the others have stopped."

Police are on the scene and are speaking to the protest organisers.


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