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Friday, August 16, 2013

Weather extremes in China, Sudan, Uganda, Bolivia, Japan

China braces for Typhoon Utor
More than 158,000 people in southern coast relocated as authorities in Guangdong and Hainan prepare for its arrival.
At least one killed and 13 missing after powerful typhoon strikes Pacific nation, triggering landslides and floods.
Thousands of people are displaced and five have been killed in the northern town of Elegu.
At least five people are killed by floods and mudslides.
Wind storm causes widespread damage in capital La Paz and the adjacent El Alto, destroying homes and cutting off power.
Up to 238mm of rain fell on one township in the county, in Sichuan province in the country's southwest.
14 Aug 2013 09:37 GMT
If the weather was kind, the skies produced a stunning display.
13 Aug 2013 10:33 GMT
A shortage of water is affecting many parts of the world.
06 Aug 2013 08:50 GMT
The northern hemisphere is in the grip of its summer heat, but what effect is it having on the wildlife?
05 Aug 2013 16:50 GMT
Thousands of houses inundated as desert country is hit by exceptionally heavy rain.
05 Aug 2013 09:42 GMT
Torrential rain has deluged many parts of the country, causing disruption and considerable loss of life.
19 Jul 2013 10:55 GMT
Images of the prolonged heatwave on both sides of the Atlantic

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