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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mohamed Soltan, Egyptian American from Ohio, twitter feed from Cairo, August 14, 2013

Cameraman shot in head by sniper - photo of helmet:

Live feed from Al Jazeera:


  1. Heavy gun fire from all around! Wallahi this is a war zone
  2. My phone is gonna die again, I'm gonna try to charge it n be back
  3. The shooting is still ongoing for the 10th straight hour! The smell of blood everywhere,tear gas is unbearable even w/masks.This is genocide
  4. The world cannot simply sit back and watch as peaceful AntiCoup protestors get exterminated
  5. I was shot in the left arm w/live amo when I was on stage by a sniper while talking 2 JSC. Too many sever cases here & can't leave
  6. Bulldozers backed by army & MoI shooting anyone who gets near has reached field hospital on Nasr St
  7. Ammar Gomaa is fine hA , there is another photographer named Ammar that was shot!!!
  8. AntiCoup protestors raise the Quran as gun shots being fired at them
  9. Habeeba Abdelaziz, a Egyptian journalist from from Dubai was pronounced dead moments ago!!
  10. Via : Ammar Gomaa the photographer is in critical condition after being targeted by a sniper!
  11. Snipers shooting at the stage from this military building!
  12. Ya Allah we have no one but You!! You are sufficient for us
  13. More live ammo being repeatedly fired down sidestreet we're on. Groups of women gathered, trying desperately to contact husbands inside.
  14. White Raba banner with the camera mans blood splattered over it. It reads the famous chant, peaceful
  15. Aljazeera backup Camera mans helmet that was shot on stage. Head shot!!!! After the first camera man was shot
  16. 2 cameramen shot on stage right in front of me,more volunteers risk their lives so the world can watch us get killed
  17. Ya alllllllaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!
  18. Bodies are still coming in! This madness needs to stop
  19. Automatic weapons, snipers, clear gas.. Anti coup protestors being exterminated
  20. Second camera man to be shot on Rabaa stage right now
  21. Helis are shooting at the stage right now
  22. Dr. Mohamed Beltagy would like to speak to news agencies right now
  23. Camera man just got shot on Stage! We are being shot at on Rabaa stage
  24. My phone is charging, I'm on the Rabaa stage right now. Shooting still being heard, tear gas has not stopped
  25. Phones about to die. Electricity cut off. Bird shots and live shots fired directly at stage
  26. Beltagy is next to me asking any major news agency to contact us on Rabaa stage
  27. Rabaa stage just announced 200+ dead, hospital and media center full of bodies, 1000s of injured
  28. Bodies coming in from all directions as tear gas live rounds being shot at us continuously from every direction
  29. They are burning this place down with no regard for human life
  30. Tear gas at kids! MoI are Thugs. Shots still being fired
  31. Heart of Rabaa right now! Allahu Akbar is all u can hear
  32. A tear gas canister shot right by me & another photographer as we were shot at. I got a pellet shot to the leg
  33. Pano of the Yousef Abbas intersection with MoI attacking from both sides shooting live rounds and pellets
  34. Heavy tear gas, live rounds (shotguns), snipers! MOI is doing everything to break through the barriers
  35. Heavy tear gas even seeping through this mask as heavy fire continues from both sides of Yousef Abbas street
  36. Military heli hovering closely out us as shootings continue
  37. At Yousef Abbas street intersection with Nasr street, MoI coming in from all sides. 5 deaths right in front of me. Tear gas & live rounds
  38. MoI movements from both sides onto .. Heading to Sadat memorial now w/media team for coverage.
  39. Daily threats of breaking-up sit-ins has given us a chance 2 renew &purify our intentions, repent &make peace w/ourselves & others.
  40. واحد من المؤيدين للانقلاب العسكري بيقولي ده باينه انقلاب فعلا شوفت حركة المحافظين الجدد ؟ يوغتي كميلة متقولش كده لحسن يقولوا اخوان :*
  41. High alert in , people are either near entrances in anticipation for attacks, praying Qiyam or having suhoor!

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