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Thursday, August 15, 2013

EcoWatch News: FDA, Monsanto, No KXL, Oil spills,


Monsanto's Stock Becoming High Risk As Youth Demand GMO Labeling


While mandatory GE labeling has been implemented in some European countries, Umiastowski acknowledges that the lack of GE labeling in the U.S. and Canada has “played to Monsanto’s advantage,” especially since their...

Green Tea Coalition Bridges U.S. Political Divide With Renewables


Georgia’s state utility company will be adding 525 megawatts of solar energy by 2016 thanks to grassroots pressure from a new alliance known as the Green Tea Coalition, which unites environmentalists and right-wing...

Top 10 Greenest Universities in America

Sierra Club    

Sierra examined the academic institutions making a difference for the planet, seeking out campuses that are creating tangible change in all categories of greenness—from what’s served in dining halls to what’s taught in lecture halls to what’s powering the dorms...

Court Orders FDA to Enact New Food Safety Rules   

Center for Food Safety    

The Court ruled that FDA violated the law in April 2013, and set an injunction remedy in place in June, with new deadlines for draft and final rules. Last month FDA moved for reconsideration or a stay of the injunction with regard to the deadlines for...

History of Oil Spills Plagues Future of Keystone XL Pipeline


Besides skewed job numbers and environmental harm, there is the constant and real threat of pipeline accidents. Pipeline ruptures have continuously plagued oil companies and some of the most disastrous, such as those in...

How the Fracking Industry Avoids Paying Royalties to Landowners


From Pennsylvania to North Dakota, a powerful argument for allowing extensive new drilling has been that royalty payments would enrich local landowners, lifting the economies of heartland and rural America. The boom...

Climate Activists Use Civil Disobedience As Law Enforcement

Waging Nonviolence  

Governments will no doubt continue to treat protesters who block pipelines, coal mines and power plants as criminals. But such governments come into court with dirty hands, stained by their dereliction of the duty to...

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