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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Republicans believe climate change is a problem and renewable and clean energy should be use: Quelle surprise!

National Survey of Republicans and Republican­‐Leaning Independents on Energy and Climate Change

This report contains topline results of a national survey of 726 adults who recently identified as a Republican or a Republican-leaning Independent.
  • A majority of respondents (52%) believe climate change is happening, while 26% believe it is not, and 22% say they “don’t know.”
  • A large majority (77%) says the United States should use more renewable energy sources (solar, wind & geothermal) in the future. Among those who support expanded use of renewable energy, nearly 7 out of 10 think the U.S. should increase the use of renewable energy “immediately.”
  • Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents prefer clean energy as the basis of America’s energy future and say the benefits of clean energy, such as energy independence (66%), saving resources for our children and grandchildren (57%), and providing a better life for our children and grandchildren (56%) outweigh the costs, such as more government regulation (42%) or higher energy prices (31%).
  • By a margin of 2 to 1, respondents say America should take action to reduce our fossil fuel use.
  • Only one third of respondents agree with the Republican Party’s position on climate change, while about half agree with the party’s position on how to meet America’s energy needs.
  • A large majority of respondents say their elected representatives are unresponsive to their views about climate change.

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