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Friday, April 26, 2013

Climate hero Brian Eister on day 26 of hunger strike at American Petroleum Institute in Washington, DC

This is a call out to all readers. Please help Brian in any way you can. Post his story on facebook, spread the word on twitter, +Google it, write about it on your own blog, and send him words of support. Few people have this type of courage. Lord knows I do not.  He is doing what we all wish we had the courage to do.
Contact:  Brian Eister
Phone:  702-556-9674
Twitter: @hungry4afuture
Hashtag:  #climatehungerstrike

From Day 24, he writes:
I have not been posting here as consistently as I would like.
Undertaking an extended hunger strike while doing your own press work presents unique challenges, and I am doing my best to balance all of them.
The days are dragging on and hunger has become quite intense, but the sacrifice I am making here is modest compared with the gravity and magnitude of humanity’s situation.
We go about our day-to-day lives as though things are okay. In our minds, we imagine that somehow, someway, this problem will be solved: how, after all, could a world full of responsible adults allow all of our children’s lives (and their children’s lives) to be ruined?
The fact is, the kind of change that is necessary for all future generations not to suffer immensely is nearly impossible under present circumstances.
If all of us get off of the sidelines and dedicate our lives to saving this world and its ability to sustain human life as it does today we have a chance: but if we continue to expect that others will solve the problem we will be in for a very sore surprise.
I am now 24 days into this hunger strike to demonstrate a fraction of the dedication that is necessary to overcome the power of the trillions of dollars of fossil fuel wealth that still sits in the ground, counted on balance sheets and leveraged by the carrots and sticks of campaign finance.
The truth is, I’m not doing enough.
In the name of love, in the name of the care that we have for others, and in the name of our sacred obligation to care for our children, we all have to do more.

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