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Monday, April 15, 2013

Pulitzer Prize to Lisa Song, Elizabeth McGowan and David Hasemyer of InsideClimate News for reporting on flawed regulation of U.S. oil pipelines and dangers of tar sands crude (dilbit)

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners

National Reporting

For a distinguished example of reporting on national affairs, using any available journalistic tool, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).
Awarded to Lisa Song, Elizabeth McGowan and David Hasemyer of InsideClimate News, Brooklyn, N.Y., for their rigorous reports on flawed regulation of the nation’s oil pipelines, focusing on potential ecological dangers posed by diluted bitumen (or "dilbit"), a controversial form of oil.


Also nominated as finalists in this category were: Liz Kowalczyk, Carolyn Johnson, Todd Wallack, Patricia Wen and Kay Lazar of The Boston Globe for their aggressive coverage of the deadly national outbreak of fungal meningitis traced to a compounding pharmacy in suburban Boston, revealing how the medical regulatory system failed to safeguard patients; and Craig Whitlock, Greg Miller, Karen DeYoung and Julie Tate of The Washington Post, for their fresh exploration of how American drones moved from a temporary means to kill terrorists to a permanent weapon of war, raising issues of legality and accountability.

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