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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prospective donors listed by gifts from 2011, From 2012 Heartland Institute FUNDRAISING PLAN

From 2012 Heartland Institute FUNDRAISING PLAN  
   Prospective donors listed by gifts from 2011  
  Name 2011 Actual   
  Allied World Assurance Company  Holdings, Ltd.  $60,000 
  Altria Client Services Inc.$50,000 
  Amgen, USA$0 
  Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc.$3,000 
  Anthony DiTommaso$25 
  Arthur & Dawn Jaros Charitable Trust$0 
  Arthur Margulis$25,000 
  Arthur N. Rupe Foundation$0 
  Association of Bermuda Insurers and  Reinsurers  $75,000 
  AT&T for CFIRE$0 
  AT&T for IT&T News$30,000 
  Baldwin Crosstown Animal Clinic$7,276 
  Barney Family Foundation$25,000 
  Bartley Madden$216,656 
  Bayer Corporation$0 
  BB&T (John Allison)$0 
  Bernard Baltic Estate$77,807 
  Brian Kelly$0 
  Bruce Branyan$5,000 
  Bruce Rauner$5,000 
  Castle Rock Foundation$0 
  Center for Competitive Politics$5,000 
  Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation$25,000 
  Charles McQuaid$1,000 
  Chase Foundation of Virginia$25,000 
  Chris Rufer$25,000 
  Comcast Corporation$25,000 
  Consumer Electronics Association$0 
  Contran Corporation$50,000 
  Credit Union National Association$30,000 
  CTIA - The Wireless Association$40,000 
  Dan Hales$25,000 
  David Albin$10,000 
  David Herro$60,000 
  David Lawson$17,000 
  Dezenhall Resources, Ltd.$27,000 
  Eli Lilly & Company$0 
  Elizabeth Rose$15,000 
  Eric Brooks$10,000 
  Farmers’ Insurance (Zurich)$0 
  Frank Resnik$25,000 
  Fred Young$15,000 
  Gelatt-Gephart Foundation, Inc.$5,000 
  General Motors Foundation$15,000 
  Gleason Family Foundation$50,000 
  Golden Rule Insurance Company$250,000 
  H., Leighton Steward$3,500 
  Herbert Walberg$25,000 
  HSA Bank$0 
  International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers$0 
  IronBridge Capital Management, L.P.$25,000 
  J. P. Humphreys Foundation$6,000 
  Jack & Margaret Caveney$3,000 
  James Fitzgerald$0 
  James Johnston$125 
  James McWethy$20,000 
  James Van Pelt$2,500 
  Jaquelin Hume Foundation$0 
  Jerry and Marilyn Hayden$170,000 
  John Manfredi$0 
  John William Pope Foundation$15,000 
  Joseph Bast$5,000 
  Joseph Luquire$3,000 
  Joseph Woodford$5,000 
  K. Tucker Andersen$4,000 
  Kayser Family Foundation$15,000 
  Larch Communications, LLC$0 
  Larry Smead Fund$10,000 
  Las Vegas Sands (DCI Group)$0 
  Leslie Rose$50,000 
  LKQ Corporation$0 
  Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation$50,000 
  Marathon Petroleum Company LLC$0 
  Mark Nelson$2,585 
  Microsoft Corporation$59,908 
  Mike Keiser$25,000 
  Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation$0 
  Murray Energy Corporation$0 
  National Cable & Telecommunications Association  $10,000 
  Nationwide Insurance$0 
  Norman Rogers$10,000 
  Nucor Corporation$100,000 
  Patrick O’Meara$0 
  Paul Fisher$5,025 
  PepsiCo, Inc.$0 
  Peter Mason$5,000 
  Philip Friedmann Family Charitable Trust$10,000 
  Philip Warth$0 
  Randy Randol$2,500 
  Renaissance ReService Ltd.$317,000 
  Responsible Industry for a Sounds Environment  $0 
  Reynolds American Inc.$110,000 
  Richard Uihlein$5,000 
  Richard Waterfield$0 
  Robert Bland$5,000 
  Robert Buford$30,000 
  Robert Fettig$5,000 
  Robert Lamendola$5,000 
  Robert Meier$0 
  Robert Platt$2,500 
  Robertson Finley Foundation$0 
  Rodney Fund$12,000 
  Searle Freedom Trust$0 
  Stanley Hubbard$10,000 
  State Farm (Jeff Judson)$230,000 
  State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company$60,000 
  Stephen Goode$0 
  Stuart Family Foundation$0 
  Susquehanna International Group LLP$10,000 
  Ted Semon$5,075 
  Texas Cable Association$0 
  The Deramus Foundation$10,000 
  The Justice Foundation$10,000 
  The Negaunee Foundation$10,000 
  The Robert P. Rotella Foundation$10,000 
  Thomas K. Armstrong$5,000 
  Time Warner Cable$10,000 
  Triad Foundation, Inc.$25,000 
  US Chamber of Commerce$0 
  Will Wohler$0 
  William Dunn$330,000 
  Windway Foundation, Inc.$5,000 
  Wisconsin Insurance Alliance$0 
  XL Group$35,000 

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