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Saturday, February 18, 2012

DenialGate: Infographic Illustrating the Heartland Denial Funding Machine

DenialGate: Infographic Illustrating the Heartland Denial Funding Machine

by dana1981 and jg, Skeptical Science, February 18, 2012

Note: the graphic below was updated at at 16:35 PM on 18 February 2012 to correct a couple of minor errors.  A portion of the government relations budget had been double-counted, and some of the Heartland proposed budgetary figures extend beyond 2012.  See the discussion below for further details.

Skeptical Science's resident artist (that's pronounced "ar-teest") jg has put together an infographic illustrating the Heartland Institute's funding sources and planned budget payments (based on lots of input and suggestions from the whole Skeptical Science team; click the image for a hi-rez version):
heartland funding infographic
Craig Loehle declined the Heartland funding offer.
These numbers come from the Heartland 2012 Budget and Fundraising Plan documents (in US dollars).  Note that while some of the figures in this graphic have been confirmed, Heartland has not yet confirmed that all the numbers are correct.  There is also no reason to doubt their veracity to this point.  If any of the numbers are found to be in error, we will revise this graphic accordingly.
Although there are too many donations and programs to include in a single graphic, we selected some of the larger and more prominent contributors for the upper half of the graphic.  Most of the programs and individuals in the lower half are potentially climate-related, with the exception of Operation Angry Badger, which we included because it potentially vlolates Heartland's tax-exempt chartiable organizational status, and James Taylor, because he frequently writes climate "skeptic" blog posts for Forbes.
The proposed budget numbers for Angry Badger and the Center for Transforming Education also appear to be long-term budgetary figures, not just applicable to 2012.  The Angry Badger 2012 budget is closer to $200k, but net planned budget is $610k.


Anonymous said...

I love these stolen doc's. They show that climate denialism actually is rather poorly funded. Where are all of the billions of big oil sourced climate denial dollars anyway? Lol!

It's been 5 days since they were leaked and the so-called scandal has garnered no traction with the MSM or the public, even the blogosphere has already forgotten about it. This a non-starter.

I would not be surprised if Desmogblog issues an apology before the end of the month.

I love these stolen doc's.

Tenney Naumer said...

Wrong as usual.

I love the documents because they show how morally bankrupt the Heartland Institute is.

Please do hold your breath while waiting for an apology from DeSmogBlog.