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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Global Warming Know-It-Alls Write More BS In The Wall Street Journal

Global Warming Know-It-Alls Write More BS In The Wall Street Journal

This is a climate change expert (kotomiti / Shutterstock)
by Christopher Robbins, gothamist, February 21, 2012
Earlier this month, actual climate scientists took to the Wall Street Journal to rebut the hilariously titled op/ed, "No Need To Panic About Global Warming," which was written by a group of people who pretended to be climate scientists on T.V. Today, those brave "concerned scientists," who are former ExxonMobil engineers, M.D.'s and businessmen—everything but people who study climate for a living—feel the need to respond to being publicly shamed for peddling bullsh*t with more bullsh*t!
At the crux of their reply is a damning chart entitled "Reality Versus Alarm" showing how outrageous those scary climate models are compared to the "reality" that the earth's temperatures haven't really changed all that much…since 1989. That's right: human civilization shouldn't be worried about global warming because everything has worked out fine since George H.W. Bush was in office.
"What a thoroughly dishonest and immoral response," Dr. Kevin Trenberth said via email. The chart used is an "extremely misleading figure of global temperatures that show only values for the past dozen years." Dr. Trenberth's signature was at the top of a list of 38 climate scientists who countered the WSJ's initial article, and he is currently a Distinguished Senior Scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He's also shared a Nobel Prize for his work on climate change.
Tglob50years.jpg"The proper perspective is in the figure [right] which shows an example of exactly what they have done versus the real perspective that shows warming with short term bumps up and down." But hey, "No Need To Panic!" Just grab some sunblock, enjoy these deliciously mild winters and party like it's 1989!
Dr. Trenberth says a response from him and his colleagues is unlikely. "It is possible to go through and similarly debunk their other statements but clearly they have no credibility whatsoever and go to any lengths to distort the truth."
A NewsCorp company distorting the truth? Nah.

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