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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stephen H. Schneider: a great loss that we can ill afford

Dear Readers,

Many of you have already heard of Stanford professor Stephen H. Schneider.  Most recently, he and his co-authors published a study (in PNAS) that showed that the AGW denialists were of a lesser sort of "scientist" and that what few publications they have in the peer-reviewed literature are of low quality (to say the least).

For many decades, he was a tireless fighter against the forces of anti-science.

Last night, when I read of his loss, I was stunned.

We have so few scientists speaking out so fervently in public.  We need so many more.

But permit me to point out just one thing -- Stephen Schneider's work shows that just one man or woman can change the world.

So although we can mourn his passing, we should all take heart from the example he showed us.

Get out there and do your best!


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