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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fight back against the Climate Denial Machine and Potty Peer Monckton's attempt to censor John Abraham

Readers, here is your opportunity to push back against the madness of climate change denial.

Potty peer Monckton is trying to censor John Abraham who had the courage and intelligence to debunk Monckton's attempt to rewrite the laws of physics.

For those of you who do not already know, Monckton is supported by the fossil-fuel industry -- he is a card carrying member of the Climate Denial Machine, financed by Koch Industries, and other oil and coal companies like ExxonMobil.

Please help support Dr. Abraham.

Monckton tries to censor John Abraham

by John Cook, Skeptical Science, July 15, 2010

A few months ago, John Abraham from St Thomas University produced an excellent rebuttal of Christopher Monckton's arguments. Monckton's initial response was extraordinary -- as well as likening John's presentation to Nazi propaganda, he accused Abraham of ad hominem attacks while mocking his accent and personal appearance (comparing him to an overcooked prawn). Abraham's response to this personal attack was professional and commendably stuck to the science. Now Monckton is trying to censor Abraham - urging Watts Up With That readers to pressure St. Thomas University to take down Abraham's presentation.
John Abraham's presentation is vital and important as it explains in clear and accessible language the many falsehoods and misrepresentations in Monkton's arguments. St. Thomas University needs to understand the importance of Abraham's work. Hopefully they already do but if there is a flood of WUWT readers sending them angry emails, a reminder wouldn't hurt. Rather than flood the University with even more emails, the New Zealand website Hot Topic has created a Support John Abraham page. 

Here, they propose that anyone who supports John Abraham's efforts to leave a comment with their name, location and academic affiliation (if any). Comments from academics are especially welcome. Gareth at Hot Topic has been in touch with John Abraham and the St Thomas University and knows they are watching the comments thread. So I urge anyone who wishes John Abraham's presentation to not be removed from the University website to go to Support John Abraham and post a comment.


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