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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guardian slams Morano for cyber-bullying and for urging violence against climate scientists

UK Guardian slams Morano for cyber-bullying and for urging violence against climate scientists

by Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, July 15, 2010

I have previously written about The rise of anti-science cyber bullying and the role played by Swift Boat smearer Marc Morano — who believes climate scientists should be publicly beaten.

The UK Guardian has posted an outstanding piece slamming Morano’s “warped world vision” and the ‘award’ he just won:

But that this award was announced within hours of Morano posting on his Climate Depot website the email addresses of a climate scientist next to a link to my story from last Monday about the said climate scientist, Stanford University’s Professor Stephen Schneider, receiving death threats and hate mail should cause you to throw down that coffee in disgust.
Here’s what he wrote (juxtaposed beneath a picture of Adolf Hitler on Climate Depot’s homepage):
Warmist Prof Stephen Schneider accuses sceptics of telling ‘Hitlerian lies about climate scientists’ – Complains of ‘hundreds’ of hate email – [Morano supplied two email addresses for Schneider here]
Schneider: ‘I get scared that we’re now in a new Weimar republic where people are prepared to listen to what amounts to Hitlerian lies about climate scientists’
[NB: Schneider didn't actually accuse sceptics of telling "Hitlerian lies" – he was speaking of a neo-Nazi website that had included his name on a "death list" – but Morano somewhat conveniently failed to mention this rather important point.]
So, what possible reason could Morano have for prominently displaying these email addresses – as he does for many other stories that involve climate scientists he evidently despises – other than to encourage his readers who lap up his warped world vision to “get in touch”? I’ll let you fill in the gaps. But it might be worth bearing in mind that Morano has said some rather choice things himself about climate scientists in the past:
I seriously believe we should kick them while they’re down. They deserve to be publicly flogged.
If this is what Doctors for Disaster Preparedness means by “demonstrating courage and achievement in defence of scientific truth and freedom” then it has a rather different interpretation of the words “courage” and “defence” than I do.
Here’s how Jane Orient, DDP’s president, introduced Morano to the stage to receive his award:
It’s given to those who speak out courageously, even though it might be politically incorrect, to support the truth that is essential for our progress in science. Our recipient this year has been particularly effective in winning victories in this field. And he also uses with great effectiveness one of Petr Beckmann’s best weapons – humour.
I’m sure Professor Schneider, and all the other climate scientists who have been receiving death threats and hate mail in recent months, must be tickled sick with humour by the vicious irony of this award.
Hear!  Hear!

UPDATE:  I see via Deltoid more on “the hate mail campaign against Australian climate scientists” and more from the Guardian on “the hate mail campaign against US climate scientists.”


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