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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arctic Sea Ice Conditions, June 3, 2009 -- catching up with 2007

Arctic Sea Ice Conditions, June 3, 2009 -- catching up with 2007

OK, readers, here we go again. I know you have been paying attention, but if you were like me you have not expected the Arctic sea ice to come back. I think it's done been tipped, folks.

It would not surprise me if the Northwest Passage opened up in July this year.

I am posting below the NSIDC sea ice extent graph (remember that we are talking, here, about any area on the Arctic Sea where there is a minimum of 15% coverage of sea ice (that is pretty sparse).

I am also posting the sea surface temperature anomalies graphic, then we can all compare it later in the year.

I am also posting a composite of satellite photos of the Arctic. Pay close attention to Greenland. The upstream region of the Jakobshavn Glacier is really drawing up.

Please click directly on any graphic to enlarge the details.

Link to National Snow and Ice Data Center page:

Link to NOAA's Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies page:

Here we have the satellite composite images of the Arctic. Pay especial attention to the region on Greenland of the Jakobshavn Glacier. Upstream is really going to town. Today's image is incomplete, so I will update this post with a new image as one becomes available, probably tomorrow. Here is an image from May 29, 2009:

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