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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shall we call the next super El Nino "El Pillo" ?

Some friends and I have been brainstorming about what to call the next super El Nino.  If we get a super El Nino by late fall-early winter, on top of the global warming we already have, it ain't gonna be purdy.

So, I was pondering, "What could we call a malevolent El Nino?  A bad boy?  Maldito?"

So (everything begins with "So,..."), I went to Google Translate and found some options.

I know nothing of Spanish, so (again), I need some feedback.  My friends and I thought that "El Pillo" had a nice ring to it.  But how would we really know?

So (again), we are very open to criticisms and suggestions.

So, please leave comments, if you have any.

So, thank you!


Ah!  My friend, Leif Knutsen, has been composing ditties for the occasion:

Grab your hat. 
Mend your boots.
El Pillo is taking roots. 


El Pillos here, 
El Pillos there,
El Pillos popping everywhere. 


So, feel free to send in your own!


Anonymous said...

Since you guys are praying for a calamity to support you beliefs, I think we will get a "la nada". The Al Gore effect. BTW, here in Texas we are hoping for an el nino, we'll take a .3 temp rise because it will mean more rain.

Tenney Naumer said...

Who knows what is going to happen in Texas -- just as likely to get extreme precipitation events that mean the rain will run off the hard baked surface and will help very little with the ongoing drought, just as predicted by climate scientists decades ago.

Current situation is pretty bad, and not helped by extracting good water from what remains of the sorry Texas aquifers for fracking. That is pretty insane behavior on the part of Texas:

You like your freedom and independence, well what about the folks who live around Eagle Ford? Are they supposed to just suck it, get sick or move away and lose everything?

Here's your drought forecast:

Leif Knutsen said...

Quite the contrary Anonymous. We are not "praying for calamity" but for awareness of folks like you that refuse to acknowledge the realities that are before your eyes. Science is doing its level best to grant you the facts but there are none so blind as those that refuse to see. Ignorance may be bliss but it makes damn poor survival strategy. Your denial does nothing less than suborn Planetary ecocide. I would ask you just what is your "exit strategy" should 97% of the Planets climate scientists be correct in spite of your brain fart denial endeavor.

Anonymous said...

praying usually involves addressing God, and I don't see this done in this blog post. It might be the anonymous #1 had two windows open and posted in the wrong thread.

Tenney Naumer said...

Fred's comment didn't make it for some reason, so here it is:

FredT34 says: So we had such a debate some years ago about a cyclone in the Arctic... So don't count on me to suggest "Negatisto" nor "Lordito" (the viscount has been quiet lately...) - and we miss "Inferno", but only on his Denial Depot blog, not on our old good Earth !
So wait and see...