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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Björn Brembs Resigns Editorship At Frontiers Journal Over Recursive Fury Fiasco

by Greg Laden, ScienceBlogs, April 9, 2014

Yesterday, Ugo Bardi resigned his editorship at Frontiers Journal over the Recursive Fury Fiasco. Today, a second editor has done so as well.
You should go read the original post, but here’s a key part of it:
Frontiers retracted a perfectly fine (according to their own investigation) psychology paper due to financial risks for themselves. It can only be seen as at best a rather lame excuse or at worst rather patronizing, if Frontiers were to claim to be protecting their authors from lawsuits by removing the ‘offending’ article. This is absolutely no way to “empower researchers in their daily work“. In the coming days I will send resignation letters to the Frontiers journals to which I have donated my free time for a range of editorial duties.
And now, on a completely unrelated note, for your amusement:

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