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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nate Silver loses all credibility, hires Roger the Dodger Pielke, Jr., serial obfuscator and stats idiot

For immediate release March 19, 2014; CONTACT: Daniel Kessler, 510-501-1779,

Forecast the Facts Statement on FiveThirtyEight’s hiring of Roger Pielke, Jr.

“With time running out to act we can’t allow tricksters like Pielke to go unchecked.”

BERKELEY, CA – Forecast the Facts campaign director Brant Olson issued the following statement on FiveThirtyEight’s hiring of Roger Pielke, Jr:

“Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website is off to a disreputable start with the hiring of Roger Pielke, Jr, one of the country’s leading tricksters, well schooled at the art of confusing the public on climate science. Pielke wasted no time displaying his bag of dirty tricks by posting a blog today that claims there is no link between the rising costs of climate disasters and extreme weather fueled by climate change.

“Not only are these links well documented, they have been repeatedly validated by all of the authoritative science institutions studying climate change. In fact just yesterday, the world’s largest general scientific body, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, re-confirmed that climate change is affecting droughts, flood and storms. (1)

“Pielke has a record of denying the facts, all while impugning the character of climate scientists who are dedicated to bringing to the world the information we need to make informed decisions on what to do about the climate crisis.

“Forecast the Facts’ membership will be monitoring Pielke on FiveThirtyEight and directing their frustration at Nate Silver’s website’s Twitter and Facebook pages every time Pielke misrepresents climate science. With time running out to act we can’t allow tricksters like Pielke to go unchecked.”

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