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Thursday, February 21, 2013

President Obama, just say, "No!" to the Keystone XL

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Dale Lanan said...

The Arctic is releasing her Methane from shallow sea floor now in an acceleration of vast proportion which if left to stand unchallenged will speedily destroy all life..
Earth is shifting to high temp..
As of Nov 2012 best guess for amount of Solar power to be shielded from hitting Earth and changing to heat was .4petawatts. That was to match 2012 increase but events in Arctic in January 2013 indicate CH4 rise.. The time for action to get ready to shield Earth and transition world industry has likely passed.
There is only one way out of the mess maybe now and that is a big Sea Change to the Value of Money.
Done in best manner possible it is capable of putting the full force of the will to live in front of what would otherwise be perfect EXTINCTION, Here is confirmation of Sea ice loss projections on N. but situation with Arctic Methane in January 2013 is to be found at Arctic News Blog.