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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Donors Trust funding of climate change deniers revealed by Suzanne Goldman of The Guardian

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Suzanne Goldman of The Guardian reveal funding of climate change deniers by Donors Trust

While the secretive Donors Trust has given millions to a variety of right-wing causes, denying climate change appears to be its top priority. An analysis by the environmentalist group Greenpeace reveals Donors Trust has funneled more than one-third of its donations — at least $146 million — to more than 100 climate change denial groups over the past decade. In 2010, 12 of these groups received between 30-70% of their funding from Donors Trust. 

We’re joined by Suzanne Goldenberg, U.S. environment correspondent for The Guardian, who has written a series of articles detailing the ties between Donors Trust and opponents of climate change science. 

"The goal here is to create this illusion, this idea that there is a really strong movement against the science of climate change and against action on climate change," Goldenberg says. 

"In fact, that’s actually, to an extent, become a reality now: You see that opposition to action on climate change is central to Republican thinking." [includes rush transcript]

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