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Thursday, February 21, 2013

40 Days For A Future: An Unprecedented Crisis Calls For Unprecedented Action

[Readers, this is for real.  I don't know who Brian is, but this is for real -- go to the webpage at the link below.]

Confronted with the most extraordinary and urgent crisis in human history, the time has come for tactics which are an accurate reflection of just what is at stake for humanity. While marching, petitions, letters to officials, and brave, noble front-line resistance of individual Earth-destroying projects are all tactics which are necessary, they are not enough.

We hear everyday from activists and climate scientists that failing to cut carbon emissions in the immediate future will lead to an Earth which will not sustain human life during our children’s time or beyond, but absent actions which are appropriate expressions of the magnitude and severity of our situation, it is impossible for the people to cut through all the noise and propaganda about global warming in time to stop it from crossing the tipping point.

What has, in the past, reliably broken through to reach people’s hearts has been the non-violent action of regular citizens giving all, when that’s what’s needed, and the sacrifices made by those determined to achieve justice.

We intend to stand up from April 1 – April 30 and express with our actions, not our words, the urgency of a situation which any of us would gladly give our life to remedy. We will spend a minimum of 30 days and 30 nights fasting, praying, and hunger striking at the office of the American Petroleum Institute at 1220 L Street, NW, in Washington, DC, to give voice to the level of commitment necessary from all of us to give future generations a life.

We ask you to join us.
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rpauli said...

Now I remember it was a few years ago... Anna Keenan in Australia - and she and many others went on a hunger strike. I thought she had wonderful media poise and presence.

She was in a bunch of videos after this one.. and had quite a following in her fast.