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Friday, August 31, 2012

Richard Black unleashed! Whoo hoo!!!

Americans share electricity for cars... and the oil capital Dallas gets ready for the technology 
Isaac made the mighty Mississippi flow backwards, researchers find
 Good to know that cutting the minimum wage would make poor people - er - richer...
 An adequate US climate policy would have resulted in slowing the rate of ocean rise. Why he didn't deliver is another issue.
 Sure, trajectory could change. But in addition to current path, peak melt date has been getting later in recent years.
Wildlife groups ask for  delay, citing possible Bern Convention breach 
 Politicians should be called for spouting nonsense, whoever they are. Would you care to argue against that?
If  sea ice trend continues, 2012 min could be half 2007 level - check NSIDC graph . You read it right - half!
So much bull in Ryan's  piece  it's hard to know where to start. Remove all but conjunctions and punctuation?
Re: US oil drilling - as eg  shows, US cannot drill its way to oil sufficiency - physically impossible 
What happened to world's richest country?  'Healing the planet' now something to be derided?
I'll continue helping to populate the Twitterverse with greenery
Many thanks for all your kind messages regarding my Beeb departure - very nice of you all, much appreciated

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