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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Volume gif by Tamino! 1979-2012


Dale Lanan said...

This latest cyclone hitting Arctic Sea N of Greenland is shuttling ice out of Arctic waters to melt in N Atlantic and trashing sea ice.
Earth is in jeopardy, real danger.
It'll take an Act of God to respond.
To alter focus of attention of money.
Right now money, how it is used isn't linked to value of Earth alive.
Curve of minimum sea ice is spreading as it is accelerating in its volume decent.
Effect of loss of sea ice on weather is quite evident in recent years. Big media hides this stuff.

Dennis C. Frezzo said...

Please show the vertical axis down to zero (it will help us make key argumentative points). Also please add either a pause or animation control. Thank you.

Tenney Naumer said...

Dennis, if I knew how to slow down an animated gif file, I sure would.

I'm not sure that using zero on the vertical axis is necessary, but in any case, these types of requests should be directed to tamino, at his Open Mind blog.