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Friday, July 13, 2012

Water situation has deteriorated for Spicewood Beach, TX. Lake Travis not helped by recent rain.

NPR reports in March 2012 on the first town in Texas to run out of water.  Now, in July, things have only gotten worse

Water situation no better for Spicewood Beach residents in July.

by ANDREW CHUNG and Photojournalist ERIN COKER / KVUE NEWS, ABC, July 12, 2012
SPICEWOOD BEACH, Texas -- For the 1,000 or so residents of Spicewood Beach in Burnet County, TX, water tanker trucks have become a way of life.
Stage 4 water restrictions started in late January. Back then, one truck would bring water to the Spicewood Beach water station. 

Now, two trucks make the run -- eight to ten times a day.

Joe Don Dockery is the Burnet County Commissioner for Precinct 4. He says Lake Travis' water levels directly affect the wells in Spicewood Beach. And because lake levels are so low, the system can't supply water to its residents.

While this week's rains were welcome, they had almost no effect on the wells. That has hit residents hard.

"They're very concerned. These residents out here have been in Stage 4 rationing for an extended period of time, and they're ready to see some options and some long-term solutions being laid on the table," said Dockery. 

You could say this water plant is almost sacred to these residents, considering the situation. At the same time, these residents wonder how much longer they'll have to see these water trucks.

Riley Walker lives in Spicewood Beach. He says his neighbors are worried about the water shortage but adds, "I'm not really concerned. It's a worry, but I mean, we're doing all right, and it's gonna rain...God's gonna give us a flood here, you know, before too long."

Vivian Castillo is also a Spicewood Beach resident. She says, "Of course it's concerning - it's concerning to everybody out there. You know, our lifestyle is dramatically different than it was, say, four years ago."

Vivian Castillo is thankful the trucks are bringing water to her neighborhood, but also says, "It would be nice to be relieved. It would be really nice to be relieved." 

Until things improve, those water tanker trucks will continue to visit Spicewood Beach.

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