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Friday, July 6, 2012

PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume Falls Off Cliff


Dale Lanan said...

There is game on to keep Earth below 2C. IN theory, full out effort to retool and redirect world enterprise toward goal of keeping Earth alive has power to zoom up the economy like nothing else could and leave no one abandoned. Failing that and peace
there won't be a second chance to reverse an extinction event already initiated. It is unlikely life on a planet could have such opportunity to go either way unless possibility.

Dale Lanan said...

It's now >1/4yr later and COP18 Doha, Dubai is about to happen but action to head off runaway is not underway.
It will take full out effort world wide and alteration of money's value to include its affect on Earth alive.
Unless we as humans get ahead of the accelerated global warming there is no stopping it from promptly going into runaway CH4 release from Arctic shallow sea continental shelves. What's happening is bigger than can be stopped unless World Bank and IMF agree now. World Bank is concerned >3C is likely by 2100 but fails to see the suddenness or severity of what will happen if action to stop extinction event that is upon us, progressing isn't taken immediately..
The little guys, some of them are trying to do thing but -mob has a thumb on purse and law..
It's tough to watch faked up COP18.

Dale Lanan said...

It is necessary for education to end uncertainty as to what will happen if Emergency effort to keep sea ice isn't forthcoming immediately.
An extinction event is in progress the likes of which are unstoppable; unspeakable..
It will take full out effort to undo.

Dale Lanan said...
This is time sensitive plan of action