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Friday, July 13, 2012

ABC’s Bill Blakemore's 5-part interview of the most vindicated climate scientist in America, Michael Mann

Must-See Videos: ABC Interviews Climatologist Michael Mann

ABC’s Bill Blakemore has a 5-part interview of the most vindicated climate scientist in America, Michael Mann. All 5 videos are posted below with links to their transcripts.
Mann discusses climate science and the ongoing “efforts to intimidate climate scientists and create confusion about their findings.” Mann is author of a terrific new book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From the Front Lines.
Science writer Chris Mooney put it well in his review of the book, “A Decade Ago, Conservatives Attacked a Scientist—And Created a Leader.”
Here are the videos:
Part 1.  “ ‘New McCarthyism’ Described by Climate Scientist Michael Mann” (transcript here): 
Part 2.  “Climate Denialists Worse Than Tobacco CEOs Lying Under Oath, Says Mann” (transcript here):
Part 3.  “Climate Denialists Would Be Remembered as Villains, Says Mann” (transcript here):
Part 4.  “Unprecedented Crisis for Humanity — But There’s Hope” (transcript here):
Part 5.  “New dangers of geo-engineering, and grave need to act in time, says Mann” (transcript here):
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