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Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent satellite images of the Arctic

Dear Readers,

If you know how to read the colors on these images, please let me know.  A particular satellite stopped working last year, and its images had to do with temperature (I think), and then these images began to appear.  They are all from the Danish site (  I go to that page, then click on the upper left link to this page (the images on this page update about every 24 hours, so links to images disappear):

Ask me why I can't stand Microsoft.  Constant upgrades to your system.  In this case, my default image viewer was replaced by Internet Explorer.  However, when I view these images using slideshow, it maintains the reference points.  Thus, using slideshow, I can look at the same spot on these images and see changes over time quite well. The dark spot near the Laptev Sea is growing.  I was able to see from a Modis near real time orbital swath image that there was some open water near there a few days ago.  (I don't know how to describe directions in the Arctic -- what is east to some is west to others, guess I would have to use longitude and latitude, but am too lazy to go that far right now.)

Dates for these images are 2011.12.21, 2012.01.04, 2012.01.05 and 2012.01.06.

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