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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Motherlode! Free access to thousands of High North (i.e., the Arctic) research documents made available by Norway's University of Tromsø

Free access to thousands of High North research documents

Arctic policy nerds and Far North students of all kinds, prepare to get your geek on ... According to the Barents Observer, the library of Norway's University of Tromsø has collected a registry of thousands of research documents that concern the High North -- and has made it available online free of charge.
The searchable collection, called "High North Research Documents," features all sorts of writing and images from around the world concerning topics important in the circumpolar North.
The documents are written in many different languages, but the majority of them are in English, the library announced in a press release.
"This will be a very useful service for anyone interested in the High North, be it journalists, decision makers in business and public administration, politicians, NGOs, students and researchers," says academic librarian Leif Longva at the University of Tromsø.
At its launch, the website contained records of nearly 100,000 documents, but its administrators intend for it to be dynamic and ever-growing. Nearly 10,000 of the items pertain directly to Alaska.
Read more, here, and look up your favorite research topic, here.

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