Scott Walker's chief spokesperson, Cullen Werwie, has been granted immunity in an ongoing John Doe investigation:
Gov. Scott Walker's chief spokesman has been granted immunity in the ongoing John Doe investigation of the governor's current and former aides, it was learned Friday.
Former Waukesha County Judge Neal Nettesheim, who is overseeing the secret criminal probe, said he had granted immunity to three people, including Cullen Werwie, spokesman for Walker, in this part of the case. Last year, Werwie joined Walker's campaign after the September primary and stayed with it through the transition before joing the Walker administration in January. 
"No comment, " Werwie said when reached late Friday.
Two others were granted immunity, including the chairwoman of the southwest surburban branch of the Milwaukee County Republican Party.
This investigation has previously involved an FBI raid at the home of a top aide to Scott Walker. The aide, Cynthia Archer, is an extremely high-up Walker functionary:
Until very recently, Archer was Deputy Secretary of Administration (DOA) under Secretary Mike Huebsch. In Wisconsin, Huebsch is the second most powerful man in state government after the governor. The DOA not only runs the state, it was the chief architect of Scott Walker's budget and "budget repair bill," which stripped state workers of the collective bargaining rights. But even before this key post, Archer was a Walker loyalist and essential sidekick. Archer served as the head of the Milwaukee County Department of Administration when Walker was County Executive. This longstanding relationship set her up as a rare person who never had to knock on the governor's office door before she walked in, according to capitol observers. She has been compared to Susan Goodwin, Governor Jim Doyle's chief of staff who played an outsized role in state politics during his time in office.
Because this is a John Doe investigation, very little is still known about it. Still, as the number of Walker officials involved in the investigation increases, so does the potential explosiveness of what it will eventually reveal.