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Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYC police officers spray peaceful, obedient female protesters in the face with pepper spray, then cowardly walk away (good one NYPD!), during the demonstrations on Wall Street and Zuccotti Park on September 24, 2011

At time 0:18, two white police officers in white shirts march up to the orange netting. The police officer on screen right sprays the girls (who are not on the street, but on the sidewalk where the policemen told them to go) in the face, and the two officers immediately turn around and walk rapidly back across the street.

Just 2 seconds earlier, the courageous and intrepid Gail Zawacki (in black shirt) walks by between the young women and the buildings, and has the amazing presence of mind to turn around and film the girls who have instantly hit the ground in agony (see preceding post on this blog for her amazing video work).

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