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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Chicago: Join The Movement

Breaking (updated)

The fed is trying to force us off the sidewalk. Contact the ACLU, zoning commissions, lawyers, or anyone else that can help. This is public property don’t let them take it from us. Stand strong Chicago.
Update we got ahold of chi Zoning. Feds cannot kick us out. Call 311 if they try
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New Comment System

The site has switched to Disqus for the comment system. This gives us the ability to no longer have such an active role in moderation as well as allows others in your social network to see what you think of posts. Thank you for the feedback and Stand Strong Chicago.
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Great Perspective

Our Brother Vince has some great perspective on why we are non violent.  Please read.
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Media Update

As we gain traction, the media has come out to find out what we are all about. Thank you to the media for covering this historic event!
Great mini-doc on growing from 4-50

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Late Night Pizza

Thank you @creamblog for the Pizza!
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Day 4 Itinerary

flagTomorrow is another busy day for #occupychi. Below is the Itinerary for the day. Stand Strong Chicago.
10am General Assembly @ Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
12pm March
3pm General Assembly @ Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
7pm  Millennium  park – Join us for free education and general discussions
10pm general assembly- Location TBA
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Day 3 Summary

Day 3 of our occupation was another success. Breaking up into small groups we engaged people and challenged their preconceptions of the movement as well as think critically about a system that is set up to keep them down and keep them sleeping. We had people of all walks of life come by to chat with us. Of memorable note was a Chinese national who is studying economics here in Chicago. After hearing about us through twitter, he came down to find out what we are all about. When asked why he stopped by, he responded “I came here to find out if what I was learning in economics is right.” Our message is spreading across the world and our numbers are growing.
Tonights General Assembly had to do with logistics. Our numbers are gaining at such a rate that we took time to come to an agreement about how to handle our community kitchen, dealing with police, and effective ways to spread the message. Other topics included ramping up the Social media exposure and effectively conveying the message of hope and equality to the masses. Continue reading
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Night 2. #OccupyChi

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General assembly

General assembly will be at 5 PM today. We invite you speak your mind and come together as one. Stand strong Chicago.
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Thank You Lenny For The Great Graphics Work

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