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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warning! John Abraham is AWESOME! Peter Sinclair's Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Throwing Elbows and (politely) Busting Chops, John Abraham shows how to defend Science

by Peter Sinclair, May 25, 2011

John Abraham contacted me shortly after I completed my videos lambasting “His Lordship” Christopher Monckton. He said he was a professor at a college in St Paul, and had been doing some research to find out how much of Monckton’s YouTube hit St. Paul Lecture, which Abraham had attended, was actually true.

Well, of course, turns out almost none of it.  And when I finally got to listen to Abraham’s complete presentation, I knew he had done something special. By spending the hundreds of hours necessary to piece together the supposed sources of Monckton’s “science,” Abraham had gone much further than I had in completely deconstructing one of the vaunted heroes of climate denial.

Monckton has never recovered. Not long ago he was the republican party’s sole witness in hearings before congress on the subject. Now he is such an embarrassment, that his name is no longer mentioned by anyone who wishes to preserve even a thread of credibility.

John has gone on to become a co-founder of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team– one of the most effective and widely accessed resources for journalists needing clarification on climate issues and climate disinformation.

In the audio interview above, Abraham shows how to get the job done when faced with a hostile right wing interviewer – telling the truth, powering thru the harassment and making them like it.

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