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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Please help defend Elizabeth Warren against the right-wing smear campaign

Don't Let the Right Wing Smear Elizabeth Warren

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Dear Tenney,

Elizabeth Warren, recognized by many as a natural choice to head the newly created Consumer Protection Agency and a fierce advocate for consumers' rights, is rightly seen as a bulwark against unscrupulous corporate special interests by GOP members of Congress.

They'll do anything to stop her because of how effective she is at standing up to corporate rapaciousness and malfeasance ... they've threatened a filibuster of her confirmation in the Senate and, now, in the House, they're attacking her character.

Take action here to defend Elizabeth Warren against right-wing smears.

In the latest of Rep. Darryl Issa's sham oversight hearings, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) -- a right-wing corporatist whose top campaign contributors are Wall Street banks and who is no stranger to accusations of ethical misconduct -- accused Warren of lying about an agreement she had with McHenry's office over the length of the hearing and then attacked her "sense of entitlement."1

Personal attacks on one of American consumers' greatest champions are a step over the line. It's likely that the motivation behind Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darryl Issa's hearing was to put Elizabeth Warren on the spot and try to discredit her. He and his attack dog, Rep. McHenry, should be ashamed of themselves.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Warren supporters have already posted messages scolding McHenry on his Facebook page. Now we need to send the message directly to the Republicans leading the attacks against Elizabeth Warren.

Sign our petition to Reps. Issa, McHenry and the House Leadership telling them that Americans won't stand for these attacks against Elizabeth Warren.

Thanks for defending a true champion for consumers and constitutional values against the right-wing smear machine. After you take action, please help spread the word and rally others to support Elizabeth Warren.

-- Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

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