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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Edward Wegman's attempt to throw his student, Denise Reeves, under the bus is not working so very well

This is an update to the USA Today story on the Wegman plagiarism:

UPDATE 5/17/11: Some readers have asked about a response from the former student, Denise Reeves, mentioned in the article. Here are her comments on the story from an email:
I was Dr. Wegman's graduate student when I provided him with the overview of social network analysis, at his request. My draft overview was later incorporated by Dr. Wegman and his coauthors into the 2006 report. I was not an author of the report.
The format of the 2006 report involved a limited amount of citations. The social network material that I provided to Dr. Wegman followed the format of the report. (emphasis hers)
Adding that she has met with a George Mason University misconduct committee, Reeves concluded, "My academic integrity is not being questioned."

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