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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humboldt Glacier grounding line

Humboldt Glacier grounding line 
Click image to enlarge -- check out Fig. 4a.
Link: migration of northern Greenland glaciers.
Grounding-line position and migration of northern Greenland glaciers between 1992 and 1996 inferred from ERS InSAR data.  (a) Humboldt  Gletscher (b) Petermann  Gletscher; (c) Steensby  Gletscher; (d) Ryder Gletscher; (e) C.  H.  Ostenfeld  Gletscher;  (f) Hagen  Brae; (g)  Nioghalvfjerdsbrae;  (h)  Zachariae Isstrom (no 1992 InSAR); and (i)  Storstrommen and L.  Bistrup  Brae.  The location of the  grounding  line is shown in black for 1992 and  white  for  1996,  and  marked  with a pointing  arrow.  ISR lines are shown in white for 1995, and  black  for  1999.  Intercepts between  grounding lines and ISR are marked as diamonds.  Thick, continuous lines in (b, c, d, f, g, h, i) denote portions of the ISR track for which ice is in hydrostatic equilibrium based on a  comparison  with ATM,  represented  in white for 1995 and black for  1999.  (b) includes a 1999  transverse  ISR line used to estimate the grounding  line ice flux; no ATM elevation  was  available for that flight due to cloud cover.  All plots are overlay on the radar brightness of the scene from ERS.  copyright ESA 1996.

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