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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call for Boycott of Koch Industries' Georgia Pacific products: Brawny® paper towels, Dixie Cup® products, Georgia Pacific® lumber, Stainmaster® carpets, Angel Soft® TP, Quilted Northern®, Soft n'Gentle®, Mardi Gras®, Lycra®, Zee® napkins, Vanity Fair®, Lotus®, Colhogar®, Delica®, Tenderly® and the Demak’Up®

Koch Industries has made a fortune off the American public and has used that money to manipulate our government into stalling action to prevent the worst dangers of fossil-fuel emission caused climate change.

It is time to boycott their Georgia Pacific owned products:

Koch Industries provides these products, either directly or through Ga. Pacific: Brawny paper towels,
all Dixie Cups products,
Georgia Pacific lumber,
Stainmaster Carpets,
Angel Soft,
Quilted Northern,
Soft n’Gentle,
Mardi Gras,
Vanity Fair,
Zee napkins.

According to GP’s website “Their European brands include Lotus®, Colhogar®, Delica®, Tenderly® and the Demak’Up® brand of facial cleansing products.”

It's time to boycott!

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